SAIPA Group Philosophy has been established upon 5 principles: continuous and balanced growth, sustainable values for stakeholders, leadership in competitive cost, achieving a high-ranking Iranian brand and minimizing the risk for investors. This philosophy is explained and executed through a strategic framework:

Continuous and Balanced Growth

SAIPA Group is firmly committed to reach a continuous and balanced growth through a comprehensive and thorough planning and removing obstacles to development. This plan for continuous and balanced growth focuses on two important areas:

  • Business development
  • Human resources
Sustainable Values for Stakeholders

SAIPA Group manages effectively to create sustainable values for stakeholders through creating positive economical, social and environmental impacts on its own value chain activities. To achieve that object, SAIPA pays close attention to:

  • Create sustainable value chain in auto industry
  • Create and develop opportunity for customers
  • Produce sustainable benefits for shareholders
  • Produce sustainable benefits for employees
Competitive Cost

SAIPA Group is always looking for leading/managing the costs in the competitive automotive market through efficiency and effectiveness in core activities. To achieve this target, the main initiatives are:

  • Managing the total cost
  • Economy of scale
  • Using modern methods in supplying financial resources
High-Ranking Iranian Brand

SAIPA Group has promoted its brand by creating a trademark with special identity and unique values for home market customers which cannot be emulated. To be recognized as superior Iranian brand, SAIPA Group pays close attention to:

  • Designing and developing a product according to customers' needs and requirements
  • Providing distinct services
  • Noting social and environmental responsibility
Minimizing the Risk for Investors

A comprehensive and integrated planning and risk management reduces the impacts of uncertainties which affect the achievement of the targets and minimizes the risk of investment in SAIPA Group. To achieve this objective the main areas of focus are:

  • Maximizing the efficiency of available resources
  • Enhancing the value of stocks
  • Diversifying the business and increasing the group portfolio


Production and supply of passenger and commercial cars as well as other activities related to the ability to gain global market, with the highest adaptation to the needs of customers in Iranian market.


SAIPA Group Vision is to become an international automaker. This vision can be realized through owning exclusive brand, management of product and platform, management of sales and after-sales service network, active presence in the domestic and international market, competitive ability in quality and price, and being major player in the Iranian market.

  • Owning exclusive brand
  • Being major player in Iranian market
  • Competitive ability in quality and price
  • Active presence in domestic and international markets
  • Management of sales and after-sales service network
  • Management of product and platform

Organizational Values

  • Customer-Orientation and Social Commitment
    • Adhering to standards in providing products and service
    • Fulfilling commitments to customers on scheduled
    • Responding and addressing effectively to requests and complaints
    • Being pioneer in observing social responsibility
    • Collaborating with organizations affecting its performance
    • Complying with environmental regulations inside and outside the company
    • Providing transparent information to stakeholders
  • Efficient and Result-oriented Performance
    • Providing new ideas and approaches to maximize the profit
    • Optimizing the costs and efficiency in core activities
    • Improving and enhancing targeted activities and removing valueless ones
    • Designing and planning the activities effectively to achieve the expected results
    • Performing the duties effectively to achieve the best results
    • Applying efficient approach to achieve best use of opportunities and equipment

Also SAIPA Group has written a code of ethics to be abided by all the members, in six areas; the rights of: shareholders, employees, business partners, ethical compete, environment and national interests. All SAIPA Group members adhere to this code of ethics.

To deploy these values in its possesses, SAIPA Group has introduced clear clues for each of the values, and the top managers and leaders, as excellent role models and protector of organizational values, observe these morals:

  • Honesty and Decency
    • Being honest in words or conduct
    • Avoiding monopoly and providing transparent information in due time
    • Avoiding speading of rumors and baseless news
    • Having respectful behavior and providing explanation with respect and amiability
    • Having fair behavior in work place and avoiding unfair comparisons
    • Honoring and appreciating the employees' valuable experience and services
    • Paying attention to employees' physical and mental improvement and enhancement
  • Participating and Responsibility
    • Being accountable to duties and responsibilities
    • Accepting responsibilities according to capabilities, expertise and required skills
    • Establishing empathy among the members of working teams instead of rivalry
    • Pursuing and following up the duties to achieve the targets
    • Volunteering for accepting new assignments
    • Avoid postponing the decision-making process and adhere to exact information
    • Cooperating effectively to make new ideas and approaches
    • Supporting new human resources and transfering knowledge and experience to them
    • Performing unceasing efforts to achieve success and the organizational targets