Until 1985, the Renault and Citroen logos were being used by SAIPA. However, due to some changes in its policies and programs and in order to diversify products, it was necessary to have a trademark and to build an independent brand.

Inspired by the traditional tiled tower in the Ilkhanid period, the logo of SAIPA was created, and one of the most important features of this logo is its dimensional harmony with the use of three symmetrical crests arranged with 120 ° angles, capable of change in size and dimension.

At first glance, SAIPA logo seems to be a cogwheel which is a symbol of industry and production. With more precise look, the direction of the crests may suggest a globalization trend and direction of one of the crests upwards may be interpreted as organization approach to align all its talents with its organizational excellence policy. Another way of interpreting may be that the inward direction of peripheral crests indicates the inputs which are raw material, financial and human resources and lead to outputs namely product, profit and services.

This logo was designed by late Morteza Momayez who was inspired by Gonbad Sorkh monument [red dome] in Maraghe city in Iran.

  • Company registration
  • Société Anonyme Iranienne de Production Automobile Citroën Starts
  • Launching First Products
  • Producing Dyan models (Citroën 2CV or deux chevaux)
  • Launching Products
  • Producing Renault 5 in two models: 2-doors and 4-doors
  • Changing The Name Of Company
  • Citroën was deleted from Société Anonyme Iranienne de Production Automobile Citroën
  • Launching Products
  • Producing pickup with 2000 cc displacement
  • Launching Products
  • Producing Double Cabin Pickup
  • Producing 2400 cc Nissan Pickup
  • Launching Products
  • Producing Renault 21
  • Launching Products
  • Producing various Models of "Carburetor-Engined Pride"
  • Receiving Certificate
  • ISO9001 in Auto Industry from QMI Co
  • Best Producer Award among Ministry of Industry's Affiliates
  • Receiving Certificate
  • Trophy for Conformity with ECE Emission Standards
  • Launching Products
  • Producing Pride Safari
  • Success Story
  • Localization of parts; 81% for Pride, 79% for Nissan pickups
  • Receiving Certificate
  • Receiving Appreciation Letter as Exemplary Producer
  • Launching Production Line
  • Finalizing Caravan van Production line
  • Receiving Certificate
  • Receiving QS9000 for Quality in Auto Industry from QMI Co
  • Receiving OHSAS18001 and ISO14001 for Healthcare form DNV Co
  • Launching Products
  • Launching and Producing SAIPA 141
  • Receiving Certificate
  • Among ten best Companies Received "Committed to Excellency Certificate" as National Productivity Award
  • Launching Production Line
  • Finalizing Production Line and Reaching to 1000 Units a Day Capacity
  • Production of "Injection Type engines" in Mega Motors to Comply with Euro II Standard
  • Receiving Certificate
  • Appreciation Letter for Best Exporter of Auto and Parts
  • EFQM Award from National Productivity Organization
  • Launching Production Line
  • Launching the first Bi-fuel Production plant
  • Launching Rio Production Line
  • Receiving Certificate
  • Appreciated for being the most profitable Company in Iran Stock Market History
  • Launching Production Line
  • Launching Production Line In Venezuela to produce Various Pride Models
  • Launching Production Line
  • Launching Production Line In Syria to produce Various Pride Models
  • Launching Products
  • Launching Tondar 90 in 3 Types
  • Launching SAIPA 132
  • Launching IRIS Bus for Urban Transportation Fleet
  • Launching Production Line
  • Launching Shooka Double Cabin Pickup and Azar Mini-Bus
  • Launching Mégane Production Line
  • Launching Mass Production of Tondar 90 Engines
  • Inauguration of Rio CVT Type Production Line
  • Unveiling Ceremony
  • Unveiling TIBA as the first all Iranian Passenger car
  • Unveiling Zamyad Pickup LX
  • Unveiling New Products in SAIPA Diesel
  • Launching Production Line
  • Launching SAIPA Kashan Production Line with 150,000 annual Capacity
  • Unveiling Ceremony
  • First All Iranian Truck in SAIPA Diesel
  • Receiving Certificate
  • Best Exporter of Cars for the 4th time
  • Breaking Records
  • Reaching to a record of producing and selling 4 millionth car
  • Launching Production Line
  • Launching Production Line In Sudan
  • Achievements
  • Celebration of sales of 111,111st overseas
  • Best Exporter of Cars for the 5th time
  • Launching Dealer for Sales and After Sales in Karbala city in Iraq
  • Receiving Certificate
  • Receiving SA8000 for Social Responsibility in Auto Industry for the first time in Iran
  • Unveiling Ceremony
  • Introducing of 3 new models: TIBA2, SAIPA 151 and Automatic X100
  • Launching Production Line
  • Launching Rich Pickup from Chinese Dong Feng Co
  • Unveiling Ceremony
  • Introducing 3 new models: Saina, Ario and  Sandero
  • Launching Production Line In Iraq
  • Launching Production Line
  • Launching TIBA2 Production Line in SAIPA
  • Launching Kia Cerato Production Line in SAIPA
  • Launching ARIO Experimental Production Line in BONRO
  • Launching Production Line
  • Launching H200 series production lines in SAIPA
  • Launching H300 series production lines in Pars Khodro
  • Launching Sandero production line in Pars Khodro
  • Launching Saina production line in Saipa Kashan
  • Investment
  • Joint-Venture of SAIPA and Citroën (SAIPA Kashan)
  • Launching New Products
  • Launching CS35
  • Launching Renault Sandero Stepway
  • Launching CERATO Optional
  • Launching Quick
  • Inter the Marketplace
  • Intering the market by SANDERO Stepway
  • Intering the market by H320 CROSS
  • Intering the market by Quick
  • Unveiling Ceremony
  • Introducing of H320 CROSS
  • Receiving certificate
  • Obtaining the title of sample issuer
  • Management system certification based on ISO9001: 2015
  • Management system certification based on ISO14001: 2015
  • Acquiring the title of Knowledge-Based Company and creating a scientific-research hub for Teiph Saipa Company
  • Unveiling Ceremony
  • Introducing of SHAHIN
  • Receiving certificate
  • Winning the title of the top car manufacturer in Iran
  • Gaining the first rank of export for the tenth consecutive year
  • National implementation of the internal dynamics of auto parts
  • Saipa is the flagship of the production boom as the first automaker in the country
  • Launching Products
  • Production of optional products including: 231,212,211, 232, 151 and Nissan Optional pickup
  • Pilot production of SHAHIN