Vehicle Advanced Technologies

Today, the use of innovative technologies in the automotive world has become a necessity for automakers. More stringent regulatory requirements on one hand and increasing expectations of customers on the other hand have made the car companies to plan extensive programs to develop and implement advanced technologies to gain more market share. Therefore; given to the vision of SAIPA Group that is achieving the highest share in domestic market as well as presence in international markets, SAIPA Automotive Industry Research and Innovation Center (AIRIC) has decided to prepare a road map for development of advanced technology and their use in future products, and supply them in vehicles with a variety of comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly equipments to its customers.


Enhancing vehicle safety by using traditional methods has limitations and progress is not possible without the use of innovative technologies. Although it suffice to conform with the legal minimum as a prerequisite for market entry, safe cars at the international level have equipments and accessories that are beyond the level of mandatory standards. International automakers for other reasons, including competitiveness and social responsibility, are pursuing to enhance further the safety of their cars; to achieve this objective they are applying the most advanced technology in their operation. Global NCAP as an international and non-profit organization, that has representative all over the world such as Europe, America, Australia and Japan, has been testing and rating the safety of cars for a long time.
This organization rates and ranks the safety of the cars on the basis of the level of safety equipment and collision test results in four areas: Occupant Safety, Child Safety, Pedestrian Safety and Safety Assist (smart driver assistance systems). The evaluation results are released publicly on its website. Customers can gather information on safety ratings through these assessments if they want to buy a car. Nowadays, most automakers assess their products before entering the market in these centers, and publish the rating results as proof of the safety of their products