Corporate Social Responsibility

Given the essential role of stakeholders in a firm, SAIPA Group pays special attention to social responsibilities for all stakeholders in 4 categories: society, customers, the state and shareholders. To fulfill social responsibilities in the first category, SAIPA Group defined three areas of activities; the environment protection, emissions reduction and efficiency in fuel consumption. For customers the main activities are quality and safety of the products, quality of after-sales services, reasonable prices and diversity in models. The state requires automaker to comply with standards of the European 55 Directives. The shareholders expect SAIPA Group to have an excellent performance and to make profit and reduce the costs.

Social Commitment

NIKSA (an Institute for Charity)

As an NGO, non-political and non-profit organization, NIKSA volunteers to perform good deeds based on Islamic divine teachings, to protect the human dignity, and to respect for human and law. The company always aims to empower people and society to reduce social problems by providing bases for public participation.

The Mission of NIKSA

  • Support the families in need
  • Provide health service
  • Protection of orphans and children with no caring families
  • Provide job or business solutions to empower families covered in this institute
  • Cultural activities and scientific studies and research to prevent or reduce social problems
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Nikandishan Ramazan Charity Institute

In order to carry out social responsibilities and to focus the charity activities, Nikandishan Ramazan Charity Institute was established in 2005 by SAIPA group.
Much of the activities of this institution have been defined